– ATTN: Overworked Wellness Practitioners & Wellness Practice Owners –

How would you like to sustainably scale your impact, your income, and your free time too?

You didn’t go into business to work 60 hours a week and build a practice you can’t walk away from.  We’ll help you create a profitable, ethical, sustainable, & scaleable wellness practice that creates both time and money.

How We Can Help

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Scale Your Marketing​

Word of Mouth Not Enough?

Predictably and Profitable Scale Your Client Attraction With Paid Advertising

Scale Your Team

Short on Staff?

Fill Your Practice With Skilled Practitioners & Administration

Scale Your Freedom

Work Less. Earn More.

Build A Sustainable Wellness Practice That Doesn’t Rely On The Owner


“Working with DJ has taken so much stress off of my plate! I had signed up for a 6 month course from a different company that was designed to have different resources in it and a lot of videos to watch. It was ok but I feel like DJ’s intensive with me cut straight to the point. He offered me SO MUCH great information and he actually organized it so that I know exactly how to move forward! And he did it all within about 2 hours! He can point out problems you might have down the road and help you pivot so you don’t run into them. If you’ve been lucky enough to find him, work with him! It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your business!”
Tara T.
The Cove Massage Studio
We are absolutely crushing it. Our biggest increase was $13k. We are averaging about $6-$7k more [per month] before we started."
Michel O.
Massage Customs
Your Done-For-You service is amazing, and I’m glad to be a member. It’s more than worth it.
Guy S.
Graceful Touch
We’ve had 34 new clients and 90+ additional bookings for return clients or referrals. I can honestly say [if I did this myself] my results would be close to zero”
David C.
Myomasters Massage
I have owned my spa for about 4 and a half years and feel like I'm doing well but I have become "self-employed" and not so much the "business owner" that I'd like to be. The business was doing well, but I needed to make it more self-sufficient, leave when I want to, and actually take a paycheck without hands-on work. From the moment I looked at the homework, I knew I had made a really good decision because the questions made me realize there is so much more I can do with my business. I just needed to know where I really wanted to go, and a plan to get there. I feel like this was one of the greatest business purchases I made this year.
Elane T.
Twin Flame Spa

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