Your Massage Mogul Archetype is: 

The Charismatic Leader

As the Charismatic Leader, you’re the heart and soul of your business. You’re hands-on, not just in the treatment room, but in managing your team and connecting with your clients.

You’re that person who remembers names, personal stories, and little details that make everyone feel special. Your style is less about charts and graphs and more about authentic conversations and understanding what makes people tick.

You’re in this business because you love it, and it shows in your everyday interactions. Your energy is contagious, and it’s exactly this vibe that draws people to your practice.

You have the special ability to make everyone feel valued and understood, creating an environment where both clients and staff feel genuinely cared for.

Your Archetype Strengths

As a Charismatic Leader, you’ve got a lot going for you, and are able to do a number of things exceptionally well.
First and foremost, you have empathy. You get people. Whether it’s a client’s subtle cues or a team member’s unspoken concerns, you’re on it.

You also know how to build a strong team. You’re a pro at spotting potential and encouraging it every step of the way. Your team doesn’t just look up to you – they hang on to your every word.

Meaningful, long-term relationships are the backbone of your business. People come back to see you because they like how you make them feel. It’s not just a transaction for them. It’s more like paying a visit to a close friend or family member.

You’ve gotten to where you are because you know how to focus on what matters. You’re curious and open to change, whether it’s new techniques or effective business strategies.

Staying put? Not in your vocabulary. You’re always on the move, searching for your next big idea.

Your Archetype's Areas For Growth

Even the best have things to work on, and here’s where you can improve how you operate.

In a nutshell, you’re doing great as a Charismatic Leader. Just remember, running a successful massage business is as much about connecting with others as it is about good business sense. Keep connecting, keep learning, and keep leading with a style that’s as unique as you are.

That being said, there’s still a big important question to ask….​

Is everything in your business and your life actually the way you’d like it to be?

Take a moment to think about your life and your business.

Are you fully happy and satisfied with:

How about….

Are all of these aspects of your business and life exactly the way you’d like them to be?

Or, are there things you’d like to change for the better?

If you’re like most practitioner-owners you’ve likely taken a similar path to getting to where you are today.

You started (or purchased) a business in order to do things your own way, take control of your schedule, and to serve your clients in the highest way possible.

All while figuring out how to earn a living along the way.

But then, over time, something started to shift…

Before you knew it, you found yourself dealing with a lot more responsibilities, and your role as the business owner began to change.

As your business grew, it began to take life of its own – like a mischievous toddler, it starts to constantly demand your energy and attention in new and unexpected ways.

And if you don’t give it immediate attention, you’re sure to face the consequences.

Let me ask…

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To You?

If any of this resonates with you, I want you to know you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

Unfortunately, the industry is so focused on providing for the solo practitioner, that the knowledge and skills necessary to grow a sustainable business beyond yourself are completely missing from the conversation.

Sure you’ve managed to build the business of you, but what about the next step?

If you’re also like most, you’ve currently reached a point where on the surface, all is going well…

You’re succeeding in ways that most don’t even dare to attempt, and on paper, things should be going well.

However, deep-down you know something is off, and that the way things are going now aren’t the way you want them to be forever.

While Your Fully Booked Business Used To Seem Like A Dream Come True, It’s Now Putting You On The Fast-Track To Burnout & Overwhelm

You’ve got the clients, the team, and the revenue you didn’t think was possible. 

Yet at the same time, the dream life you originally set out to create is only available in the brief moments between a never-ending flow of clients, emails, and phone calls.

So, are you truly happy with the way things are?

Because,  if you’re not happy with the current state of your life, your business, or their relationship to each other, you have three choices you can make: 

A) You can live with it

B) You can leave it, or 

C) You can change it. (⇐ My personal favorite option)

If the first two aren’t an option for you, then it’s time to admit that you’ve got some work to do.

And it’s time you know something that most practitioner-owner’s never truly learn.

You CAN earn more, work less, and have a low-stress massage business that runs itself like a well oiled machine.

“The point is: your business is not your life. Your business and your life are two totally separate things. 

At its best, your business is something apart from you, rather than a part of you, with its own rules and its own purposes…

Once you recognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business, but that the primary purpose of your business is to serve your life, you can then go to work on your business, rather than in it, with a full understanding of why it is absolutely necessary for you to do so.” 

– Michael E. Gerber, Author: The E-Myth Revisited

Would you like truly OWN your massage instead of feeling like it owns you?

It’s absolutely possible to have a massage business that truly serves your life, and gives you more than you give to it.

But First There Are A Few Hard Lessons You Need To Understand:

Hard Lesson #1

It’s Time To Grow Up

Understand that you are not your business. 

It’s time build a mature business that isn’t critically dependent on you, and one that supplies you with not just money – but also provides you with time, energy, and thrives in every measurable way.

It’s time to turn your business into a self-sustaining organism.

Reaching the next level requires more than just a service, a team and a simple determination to succeed. 

You need skills, tools, and systems to get the most out of your people and day to day operations.

Hard Lesson #2

It’s Time To Let Go

It’s time for a shift in thinking. 

You may have heard the phrase “What got you here won’t take you there.” 

How about “What got you here, will keep you here.”

You need to re-examine what your role is inside of your business as the owner. 

It’s time to start asking – is spending the majority of your time in the treatment room actually the thing that helps your business grow? 

It’s time to let go of your identity as a practitioner above all.

Hard Lesson #3

It’s Time To Scale Up - Not Back Down.

So where do you take your business next? Especially if you’re already feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

You want to see your business grow, but at the same time, you’re frustrated, tired, and unwilling to take on any more risk, or add any more to your plate.

You might be pining for the days when things were ‘simpler’ and ‘more manageable.’ 

While it may seem counterintuitive, instead of taking things back down, it’s time to scale up. Let me explain why…

Your Business And The 'Valley of Death'

Did You Know....?

There are regular and predictable patches of business where things become measurably more stressful and difficult, for both the owner, and in the day to day operations. 

What you may not even know, is that you might be currently crossing what is a particularly difficult patch in business known as a ‘Valley of Death’. 

Let me ask, do any of these sound familiar right now?

As your business grows and expands, it’s easy to completely miss that your business also needs to adapt and change to the complexity that’s changing within. 

Thankfully There's Good News....

While you might struggle with your small or medium sized team, especially in the $10k-$20k/month range, the next smooth plateau can be found around the $50k/month

The goal is not to build the biggest business possible, just for the sake of it. 

Nor is the goal to be 100% removed from the treatment room and remove all of your clients, if you don’t want to.

While the exact revenue number is relative, here’s why this benchmark matters…

The owner can be removed from the day-to-day operations and spend her time doing what’s most important to her, and not being dragged around in multiple directions by the business.

However, you’re not going to get there on hustle and grit alone…

Here’s The Truth - Growing a Business is NOT the Same As Scaling It.

At this stage of the game ‘growing’ is easy – just do more of what you are already doing.

But how far can that actually take you?

You only have so much time. You only have so much energy. Plus, you only have so much money.

The reality is, that doing more has a ceiling. 

What most people don’t realize, is that unlike growing, where you do more to get more, you scale a business by focusing on doing less to get more. 

Scaling your practice means taking deliberate action to remove yourself as the bottleneck.

It’s time to focus on how every part of your business can operate in a way that allows you to spend as much time as possible doing the things you truly love.

(and not just the things you HAVE to do as a business owner)

Imagine How Your Life Would Be Different If....

Here's The Good News: It's ALL Possible

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