“So just responding with that simple text that looks at that also is very classy. It looks like a response that you would give to someone in a professional manner. It’s not coming out and be like, ‘what are you looking for?’ ‘Are you looking for a happy ending?’ I don’t do that here in yelling at this poor client.”


We’re back with part 2 with the interview of Joyce Gauthier of Respect Massage and The Sailing Massage Therapist


In this episode, we pick up right where we left and dive further into:

  1. How & Why She Decided To Begin Sailing and Live A Life At Sea

  2. What The Sailing Massage Therapist Was Originally Intended To Be

  3. What Red Flags Therapists Should look Out For When Screening Clients

  4. How To Deflect A Potentially Inappropriate Client

  5. How She Works To Help Other Massage Therapists

  6. How COVID-19 Has Affected The Massage Industry

  7. Her Favorite Places To Travel To

  8. What It Means To Be a Massage Boss

  9. Advice Every Massage Therapist Needs To Hear


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