Teresa Zardus is the owner and founder of Zardus Art of Massage and Wellness Spa, as well as the Zardus School of Massage. It’s the physical space that is one of the things that is so impressive is a 24 room tutor inspired building constructed in 1931 with beautiful oak woodworking, wood floors throughout its three levels with 16 fantastic practitioners. Now their mission at the Spa and Wellness Center is to provide integrative wellness resources for individuals to begin and continue their wellness journey. And they offer a space of quiet rejuvenation with supportive services in holistic lifestyles, positive lifestyle coaching, massage, energy work, shamanic healing, Rohlfing therapy, skincare, health and so much more.  Not only that, but Teresa also started the School of Massage. And so, in addition to this dessert, a school massage program incorporates workshops for the general community, as well as focus education programs for students interested in becoming licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. What To Expect:

  1. Her approach in finding the right practitioners for her spa.
  2. The few mistakes she made that stand out to her that she really learned the most from.
  3. The lessons she learned in corporate retail and how did it help her with the spa.
  4. How did her massage school come to be? Was this always a vision for expansion?
  5. How she managed to keep track of all your interests in a way that allows her to pursue them.
  6. The maximum set of rules of juggling all her interests.
  7. How she resolved it when you find yourself overwhelmed or frustrated.
  8. Advice that is commonly given but she just totally disagrees with.
  9. The scariest part of her journey that she thought that she’d fall apart.
  10. The future she’s seeing for her in this COVID-19’s “New Normal”.

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