Our guest, Korey Cleaver is the owner of Well Being Massage Studio and Spa located in Akron, Ohio who has been in business for a little over a year and a half from the date of the interview.


In this two-part episode, Korey Cleaver will talk about his journey as an entrepreneur with little experience in the wellness industry when starting out. 

What to expect:


  • Korey’s advice for people looking to hire a team and managing employees: 
  • Korey’s Biggest struggles
  • His recommended tools, software, resources
  • Advise he wished he received before starting
  • Things he wished he did differently
  • Korey’s scariest moment where he thought everything would fall apart.
  • What does it mean to Korey to become a massage boss?
  • Korey’s advice to other massage bosses.


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Instagram: @well_being_akron


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