In todays I’ll be sitting down to speak with Michele Cook & Kyron Moses, Co-Owners of Body Ache Escape Massage Center in Pickerington, OH.


Founded in 2010, as Michele and Kyron were looking to escape their current rental situation, body ache Escape now emplos over 10 practitioners, and has grown to be a leader in Massage and Wellness in the Columbus Ohio area. 


I think you’ll find this episode especially interesting, because of the dynamic between Michelle and Kyron.  


There are two critical roles at the highest level of every business. The first being the Visionary –  the person who is looking to the future and trying to accomplish bigger and better things. 


However, at the same time you also need  what’s called the integrator –  this is someone who’s grounded, has their finger on the pulse and is making sure that the date today is operating at the highest level possible. They’re also the person most responsible for taking the dreams and visions from the Visionary and implementing the steps to make it a reality. 


While most owners are forced to take on both roles themselves, Michele and Kyron are able to fit into the exact singular role that the business needs and matches their own personalities. 


I won’t tell you which one is which, but as we get into the episode the answer will become clear. 


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