In this episode, I sit down with Lindsey DellaVecchia massage therapist, and owner of A Moment Away Spa – a multi-location spa in Central Connecticut, that first opened in 2006.


Starting as a solo therapist, in the 16 years of existence, Lindsey has grown her spa to employ over 40 team members, and expand into a second location, while getting recognized as one of the Best in Connecticut along the way.


While spa oriented, A Moment Away specializes in offering a range of therapeutic massage services to help their clients live a happier, healthier, and stress-free life. 


In addition to the bodywork, their skin care, nail, and hair care services round out their service menu and set them apart as a go-to place for self-care in the central Connecticut area.


In this episode we dive into:


  • What it takes to go to 2 locations
  • What steps Lindsey took to grow & scale
  • How she managers a large team
  • Her approach to business ownership


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