Today’s episode we’ll be sitting down with a massage practitioner turned entrepreneur, who’s kicking ass, taking names, and currently achieving wellness at scale. 


Tabitha Baker is a massage therapist and owner of Sacred Hour Wellness Spa, Tribù Bar & Lounge, Sacred Hour Yoga in the Cleveland Ohio area, and the soon-to-be Sacred Haven retreat center in Joshua Tree California. 


As a massage therapist in New York, Tabitha sought out a change of pace after the events of 9/11.  After settling into the Cleavland Ohio area things took a turn, as Tabitha made a choice to expand her private massage practice into something bigger than herself.


She combined some of the other skills she picked up in her lifetime, including –  advertising, sales, global retreat planning, and interior design – and gave birth to Sacred hour.  


A concept Spa and Wellness Center located In Lakewood Ohio. However, things didn’t just end there,  as she expanded the business to an additional location, a yoga Center, a bar and lounge, hosting International retreats, and most recently, property for a new wellness retreat center located in Joshua Tree California. 


With a staff of over 50 people, Tabitha has demonstrated her ability to define a large vision for her business and her future and accomplish it. I’m excited to share this interview with a multi-location, and multi-business owner who’s practicing Wellness business at one of the highest levels.


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