Originally starting as a solo practitioner, Matthew Minor is now the owner of the Massage of Nashville – a multi-therapist therapeutic massage practice in Nashville, TN.


Matthew found the massage industry almost by accident, working in welding and as a manual laborer he sought out a massage as a solution for the aches and pains of his job. With a short massage that gave him nearly instant pain relief, he enrolled in massage school the same day.


Operating originally by himself, Matthew went on to consistently be rated and recognized by the city of Nashville for his skills, winning a best of Nashville 3 years in a row. 


Now, in the last two years, Matthew’s business has made the pivot to becoming Massage of Nashville and being a place where clients and therapists alike can deeply come to know high levels of massage.


In this episode, we dive into how Matthew got started in private practice, what the transition looked like from solo practitioner to multi-therapist business owner, and his lessons and advice learned along the way. 


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