Jeff Kong, the owner, and Principal Therapist built Tri-Covery around his unique blend of experiences as an athlete, trainer, and massage therapist.


Since founding Tri-Covery Massage & Flexibility in 2010, Jeff Kong has become well-known for his work in helping the recovery from athletic training and injuries. 


 He is known in the area as an expert in sports massage, pain relief, and detecting the roots of what may be causing the issues –  Plain and simple…  he’s really good at fixing bodies.


Along with extensive experience in gait analysis and posture correction.  In 2012, Jeff became one of the first in the state of Michigan to be certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy.


With a total of 11 treatment rooms in his 2 location business, Jeff and his highly-trained staff deliver the most effective therapies available for improvements of physical dexterity and recovery from injuries. 


Aside from being the CEO himself, he became an official NFL massage therapist with his team the Detroit Lions.


In this episode, we dive into how Jeffrey successfully built his practice and managed to become an NFL therapist and CEO at the same time.


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