There are 640 muscles in the human body, and today’s guest is on a mission to help all of them. 


Today I sit down with Tabatha Black, owner of 640 Massage Therapists in Westbrook, CT. 


Founded in 2016, 640 Massage Therapies provides therapeutic massage services for all 640 muscles in the body. Our Licensed Massage Therapists have advanced training and knowledge of human anatomy, physiology & kinesiology. 


Seeing how many of her clients were benefiting from regular therapeutic massage work and a desire to be around like-minded professionals, Tabatha seized an opportunity in 2018 to expand her practice and grow her business. Her practice focuses on the client’s well-being; Her understanding of anatomy & physiology, injury patterns, referred pain and kinesiology support her intuition and lend perspective to her understanding of the body/mind dynamic.


She and her team enjoys sharing their knowledge of post-massage supportive measures to enhance their client’s continued well-being off the massage table



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